(La Serva Padrona by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi)
In Italian with English Subtitles
HALLOWEEN NIGHT at The National Opera Center


Jay Stephenson as Umberto

Sarah Kathleen Adams as Serpina

Dr. Uberto Frankenstein (mad scientist and aging bachelor) is no longer able to maintain control over his creation; "The Made" he calls Serpina. Even Uberto's longtime assistant Vespone fears for his life in her presence. When Serpina decides she will no longer allow the doctor to go outside, Uberto sends Vespone to find a wife to subordinate Serpina's position as the only Lady of the Household. Uberto is then HORRIFIED to learn the SHOCKING truth that Serpina has developed feelings of affection for her creator!!! The situation escalates to a love-triangle of TERROR when the mysterious and dangerous suitor Captain Sturm arrives at their doorstep. How can this EVIL and TWISTED tale possibly have a happy ending? Find out on HALLOW'S EVE.